About Comcast

Comcast Corporation is an American telecommunication multinational Company which has its headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The company has many subsidiaries running under it such as Xfinity residential cable communications, Xfinity mobile, MVNO of Verizon, multiple cable only channels including CNBC, USA Network, NBCSN, E! and MSNBC. The telecommunication conglomerate also owns Universal Pictures (a production house) and Universal Resorts and Parks. It is the second largest cable television company and Broadcasting company in the world by revenue and the largest pay-TV company. It is also the largest Home Internet Service Provider and Cable TV company in the United States. Comcast is also the producer of TV programs and features film and also own the International media Company NBC Universal since 2011. Comcast is known by different names such as Comcast Cable, Comcast Business, Xfinity, Comcast Corporation and Comcast and these names are provided because of the categories they fall in Mass, media, Telecommunications, Telecommunications Services, people sometime confuse that if they are of same company, Integrated Telecommunications Services, Diversified Telecommunication Services.


The Company faces competition in different categories that they have from companies such as Verizon FiOS, Time Warner Cable, DirecTV. The company offers employment to up to 1,59000 people around the globe.


Comcast Customer Service provides one of the best services you can get out there, if you have any problem regarding anything related to any services Comcast provides either it can be to cancel your services, how to become an authorized user on Comcast account, How to close Comcast account, Wi-Fi not working, queries regarding account closed due to bill not paid, if you face any problem just make a call and get it done.


As a Comcast customer, you are our priority number one you are the foremost thing for us your convenience we have a dedicated team working all over the globe every day say so you get the best experience which you deserve. If you have any problem, query or concern regarding our services there are numerous ways you can reach us and please choose the one which you feel convenient in.

You can reach us through our Xfinity Support Forums, Messenger, Twitter handles and Reddit. The best give us a call +1 888 477 5380 or schedule a call back whenever you feel convenient.

Common Problems People Face


  • How do I become an authorized user on Comcast account
  • How do I sign-up for Comcast services
  • Where do I return my Comcast equipment to
  • How do I close Comcast service account
  • Wi-Fi is not working
  • How to reset my password
  • Query regarding Monitor home security
  • How to check TV Listings



What’s New

XFi Pods

For a better Connection For homes with basements, multiple bedrooms, many people there can be a problem regarding Wi-Fi coverage and seamlessness because of wall breaks, too many connections but this problem is now fixed and you can get full house coverage and a seamless experience without any disruption through XFi pods, they work with your XFi service to increase Wi-Fi coverage.

Appointment Waitlist

If you need our help at your home for a valid reason then we will make it the best service and will work within the time that fits your scheduled and find the earliest time that suits you. You can use the Appointment Waitlist feature for most of the appointments because we give more importance to your time and want to complete it as soon as possible.Just call customer support phone number

Xfinity Gigabit

The super fast Gig Speed internet has changed all. It is almost 40 times faster than regular internet so you can now stream to the HD videos seamlessly, play heavy online games with any interruption, upload your important documents faster, it is the future in present.

Empowering the Employees

Tools to serve you better

We believe in progressing and making changes quickly and stable so that we can give you what you need quickly and effectively. We have a team of technicians which is well known by your account history so they know what to do as they reach your home and make is haste so you can get back to what you were doing before you contact us.


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For opening new accounts call

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