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iCloud is a cloud computing and storage service from apple Inc which was launched on April 12 of 2011. The service had an estimated users of 850 million as of 2018. iCloud helps users storae their important data such as photos, videos, documents on remote servers to download to macOS, iOS and windows devices to send data and share other stuffs to other people, and manage their devices if stolen or lost.Apple’s MobileMe service is replaced by iCloud, which is now acting as a data syncing center for contact, email, bookmarks, calendars, notes, photos and other data. Apple has owned eleven companies and operated data services supporting iCloud services. The Company has two data centers in Denmark, six data centers in United States and three of them are in Asian subcontinent. One of Apple’s original iCloud data services centers are located in Maiden,North Carolina, United States.

Beginning in 2011, iCloud is based Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Apple signed  a deal with Google in 2016 to use Google Cloud Platform for some iCloud services.

Creation of iCloud requires either an iOS device running an OS 5 or later or a Mac running  v10.7.5 or later, as well as an internet connection and a compatible web browser. Certain features have their own minimum requirements of different OS versions. For example, using iCloud Photo Sharing requires OS X Maverics v10.9 or above on a Mac.Devices running older versions of macOS (before Mavericks) or iOS (below 7) may be not capable to sign into iCloud after the iCloud password has been changed than it was before: the only resolution for this issue is to upgrade the OS, which may be impossible on a device that does not meet up the newer minimum requirements of OS.

Sync with a PC requires Windows 7 or later windows and using the iCloud Control Panel, and optionally Outlook 2007 or later or the built-in Windows 10 Mail and Calendar apps to sync Contents, Calenders and Reminders. To set up iColud users must own an Apple device for Windows. Sync of bookmarks requires Safari 5.1.1 or later safari updates on macOS, and Internet Explorer. Firefox 22 or Google Chrome 28 or later on Windows.MobileMe account users could move their accounts to an iCloud account, keeping the same account details.


How iCloud works


After you set up iCloud on your Mac or iOs device, you sign in to iCloud on your present and other devices and computers using the same Apple ID (you only need to do this once). Subsequently, changes you make on one device appear on all other devices which are used by you. If you create a new album of Photos on your Mac, the album automatically appears in Photos on iCloud.com on Mac and iOS devices, Windows Browser, your Apple TV and your Apple Watch.

iCloud.com also includes web versions of important Mac apps and iOS—such as Calendars, Mails, and Reminders—that you can use from any supported web browser.Note: If you have a Windows computer and do not have a iOs or Mac device, you can get iCloud web-only access to use Notes, Contacts, iCloud Drive, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote from your browser. 

An apple id is needed to sign up for iCloud. You can create one when you sign up if you don’t have one. iCloud comes with 5 GB of free iCloud storage. For a small monthly charge you can upgrade to more storage. Note: Some iCloud features have minimum system requirements. iCloud might not be accessible in all areas, and iCloud features might vary by the area in which it is being used. 

iCloud Customer Service

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Common problems faced by our users

  • iCloud data is not syncing
  • Cannot connect to iCloud
  • App is not saving in iCloud
  • “Authentication” error” when signing in to iCloud
  • iPhone keeps asking for iCloud Password
  • Can’t Login and Log out of iCloud: “Verification Failed”
  • Reached or Exceeded iCloud storage limit

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