Microsoft outlook formerly known as hotmail is one of the biggest email provider and among the first to have introduced this service. Microsoft has introduced Outlook as a personal information manager and is available as a part of Microsoft Suite. Although it is mainly used as email application but it also have various functions such as content manager, note taking, Calendar, task manager, journal and it can even be used for web browsing.

Microsoft outlook can be used as a stand- alone application which can work with Microsoft Share Point Server and Microsoft Exchange server for multiple users in an organization and can be used to Share Point lists, shared mailboxes and calendars, Exchange public Folders and Meeting Schedules . Microsoft has also launched its office suits for mobile users so it can be convenient and portable for them to use the Office products on their mobile phones when they do not have access to any PC or Laptop.

Outlook was founded in 1996 by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith in Mountain View, California and had its headquarters in Sunnyvale. It was acquired by Microsoft in 1997 at a astounding price of 400 million dollars and then launched it as MSN Hotmail. Microsoft released its final version of Hotmail in 2011 and then replaced by in 2012. Existing hotmail customers could easily upgrade to for free and could even downgrade back if they want to. By May of 2013 the Outlook had 400 million active users and continued to have them by May of 2014. supports upgraded versions of internet explorer safari, Mozilla Firefox and google chrome. People can also surf in Outlook without using mouse and could surf from key board. The major competitor of is Gmail and Yahoo mail who are the biggest email service providers.

Microsoft Outlook is the exceptional email service provider among all the other players in the segment because of its reliable features and customer service. The Outlook account holders can reach the Outlook Costumer service number. The technical experts are professionally trained and hold the experience of human relations and account management techniques proficiently

This makes the service reachable from anywhere and at any time and makes the customer query resolvement easier.

How can the Microsoft Outlook number help

Those people who are reporting technical issue which is faced by them during the operation of their e mail account are greeted by the Technical support experts. They can help you in the following ways

  • It prevents loss of data in case the account is hacked or locked
  • Timely and Quick restoration of outlook email account operation in an accurate way
  • Improved mailing experience and increase in quality of services
  • Instant response in any emergency case

Some of the frequently asked queries are

  • Log in and Sign up error
  • Configuring Outlook account on different devices
  • Reset Outlook password
  • Errors in attatching files
  • Recover lost Outlook password
  • Issues with sending and receiving e mail

The user can contact the Outlook Customer Care Service through the comfort of their homes and save the money and time on visiting a technical support centre.


How to upgrade your hotmail account to Outlook

Hotmail was upgraded by Microsoft to Outlook to offer greater service, increased speed, several functions and full control on the information.

As of now you don’t have to make a hotmail account and then upgrade it to outlook. Microsoft have made it easier and now if you make a hotmail account it will automatically upgrade to an Outlook account.

If you still have a hotmail account don’t panic it will still be the same you can have your same email id name and password no changes will be made to your personal information

To upgrade the hotmail account to Outlook login to your account , Click Options and select Free Upgrade to

Just give it a call at +1 (888) 477 5380

Microsoft Outlook have very supportive and professional staff who are very keen to help and believe in faster and better delivery of service because they know the importance of your time, time is money you know.