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About Verizon

Verizon Email Communications is a telecommunication conglomerate which is based in Midtown Manhattan, New York city of America but is incorporated in Delaware. The Company is a part of Dow Jones Industrial Average. The United States Department of Justice made it necessary for AT and T to break up the Bell system and divide it into seven regional bells in 1984. One of the Baby Bells, Bell Atlantic came into existence in 1984 it consisted of several operating companies such as Bells of Pennsylvania, New Jersey Bells, C, and P telephone, and Diamond State Telephone these subsidiaries of Bell Atlantic had trading system from Virginia to New Jersey, later this company came to be known as Verizon.

Bell Atlantic’s operating companies took the parent company’s name as a part of the rebranding strategy of mid -the 90s. Bell Atlantic expanded into New England and New York states by merging with fellow Baby Bell NYNEX. In 2015 Verizon acquired AOL and expanded into content ownership and two years later from then it acquired Yahoo!. Yahoo and AOL merged into a new division which was called Oath but now known to be as Verizon media.

A subsidiary of Verizon the Verizon Wireless is the second largest wireless communication in the United States as of April 2019. Verizon is the only one publicly traded telecommunication company to have two stock listings in its home country both the NASDAQ and the NYSE. It is also the second largest Company by revenue after the AT and T as of 2017.

From 2005 to 2010 Verizon devested its wireline operation in various states as to focus on its wireless Fios TV business and Fios internet. Verizon sold millions of wirelines and became the second largest telecommunication Company in the United States.


Verizon is one of the oldest and biggest telecommunication Company in the United States and in the world. It is the leading cell phone service provider in the United States with over more than 140 million subscribers. It is well known for its coverage and quality of service which is known to be the strongest among all the other service providers. They are not only good at providing service but are well known for our awesome customer service which comprises of well-trained support staff a professional team of technicians and engineers who are also taught human relations, they are very humble to talk to and very fast and direct at their work.

 If you have any problem or query regarding our services you can call +1 888-477-5380 and they will sort it out for you.

Some of the frequent questions asked by Customers

          Queries regarding accounting and billing

                  * How do I change my installation date

                  *Where can I renew my Fios services

                  * How do I self install Verizon Fios 

                   *How do I check my order status

                   *How do I register my account on My Verizon

                  *What are the charges on my first bill


Have any query just give us a call at

+1- 888-477-5380


Verizon has the best support team who is highly trained in managing the situations and they previously know the solutions of problems which the customers face because of much interaction with other users. You can call the Verizon custome phone number from the comfort of your home and you can give the time for his arrival at your home as per your convenience, our support staff is very quick and professional in their work and could complete a task in very short period of time so you could get back to work which you were doing before making the call.